Publication Panic

Publishing a book is nothing short of terrifying. It’s vulnerable. It’s unpredictable. And, by putting your story out there, you’re deliberately subjecting yourself to criticism and judgement (thanks, Goodreads). So, why did I do it? There are many reasons that compelled me to write and publish a book, but the most important one was this: […]

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Learning How to Live Again

**Uploaded from Narratives of Hope** I’ve always been insecure. Genetics, society, my personal type—whatever the reason was, growing up, I was no stranger to self-consciousness. That said, I was genuinely a happy kid. I smiled. I laughed. I was praised for my creativity and penalized for my impulsivity. In fact, it wasn’t until my teenage years […]

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How Writing Saved My Life

**Uploaded from National Eating Disorder Association** Talking openly about my feelings has never come easily to me. Even when I was younger, I would rather deliver a vague response of “okay” or “I’m fine” than engage in a lengthy discussion with someone else. And that was never really a problem—at least not until people started expecting […]

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