Breaking Free

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Breaking-Free-GenericAfter a six-week stint in a residential treatment facility, sixteen-year-old Grace Edwards is finally ready to return to her normal life. With a boyfriend who adores her and her best friend Lou by her side, the possibilities seem endless.

But Grace soon realizes that the real world is much harder to navigate than she had anticipated. Overwhelmed by social expectations, complicated family dynamics, and confusing relationships, she finds herself yearning for her old ways of dieting and cutting.

Now she’s faced with the ultimate dilemma – a choice between relapse and recovery. It shouldn’t be a hard decision. After all, she’s not supposed to want to stay sick. But sickness is familiar. Sickness is safe. Living, on the other hand, terrifies her, and as dark memories resurface, will she have the strength to carry on . . . or will she collapse under the weight of her mental illness?

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