Introducing Nourish

I’m so excited to share that I recently launched a new blog/online cookbook called Nourish. My mom and I co-created it with the intention of helping people find balance through food. For several years now, I’ve struggled with an eating disorder. My mom has been by my side every step of the way, supporting me and rooting me on no matter what. Her wholesome cooking nourished me when I was refeeding, so our blog will combine her cooking with my experiences of being in recovery. Our mission with Nourish is to provide delicious and nutritious recipes that anyone can make at home, along with education and resources for individuals recovering from eating disorders and their families caring for them.

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My mom and I have wanted to do a project like this for years, however we’ve never had the time to put it in motion. But given the low-spirit state of the world—as well as the fact that both of us are unemployed—now seemed like the perfect time. Now more than ever, we need to connect with and support each other. I hope you enjoy what we’ve created and maybe learn a thing or two about cooking and recovery along the way.

You can follow Nourish by visiting this link:

Rest assured, I’ll continue to post to Wacky Writer. My quarantined life has been relatively uneventful as of late, but I’m working on something exciting that, like Nourish, I’m looking forward to sharing in the near future! Stay tuned, stay safe, stay wacky.

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